Employee Multi-Day Passes

This page is intended only for employees of the Alta Ski Lift Company or other Canyon Businesses.  This will allow you to purchase an unlimited-day pass to create reservations and notify ACC Staff of your child's care.  When you are ready, proceed to our private registration form below.

Instructions: By following this link you will be given access to an unlimited visit employee pass.  You will enter in your personal information for you and your child and be charged a $60 deposit fee.  This fee will be credited back to you with your first visit.  You will be able to select days in our parent portal at your convenience and add additional children if needed.  You may select any resort for your child, and use any number of children.  For each stay, you will be charged on our Brightwheel app the normal employee rate when you pickup your child(ren).  Each Employee pass will last 1 year before it expires.