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What to Expect: Simple. Quick. Registration. We've designed this as a simple and quick process to get your child registered for Alta Childrens Center. You will choose your reservation type and dates, tell us about yourself and your child, including emergency contacts and medical needs, then pay a non-refundable deposit at the end. After that we'll guide you through the remaining process via email. Our system is updated in real-time so if you see a date, and you complete your deposit, then your spot is fully confirmed.

What You'll Need: To speed you through the process here are a few things that we recommend that you prepare for:
  • Personal Contact Information for you and your child.
  • Emergency and Out of State contacts (Optional). You'll need their names, full address, and phone numbers.
  • Medical Information about your child. Things like medication names and other details about any behavior changing diagnosis.
  • Vaccination Record. (Optional) This can be a digital scan or photo that is uploaded during this registration process. We accept PDF, JPG and PNG image formats that are smaller than 6Mb in size.
  • Payment. We will require a non-refundable deposit to secure your spot. We accept Visa, Mastercard or American Express along with Google Pay (Mobile Only).
Multiple Kids: No problem! Register your first child and at the end of the process there will be a big blue button (really, you can't miss it). Click it to speed you through the process of registering another child with most of your repetitive information already filled out for you. There will be a separate deposit for each child and it will include a discounted sibling rate.

Cancellation Policy: As winter plans evolve, we understand that families may need to cancel, please do so by replying to the confirmation email you will recieve or call us. The deposit paid at time of registration is non-refundable.

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