Enroll Your Child

Utah State Child Care Licensing requires that every child has enrollment paperwork on file.  We use this information to better care for your child and offer them the care that they need.  Your child will NOT be accepted for care without this form filled out.  One form per child.

On-Line Enrollment

Online enrollment will ask all of the required information in a website form and send the data directly to the Alta Children's Center.  When you arrive we will have it pre-printed and ready for you to verify and sign. In and out in just minutes.

Time to fill out form: about 5-10 minutes (No Printing Needed)

  Begin On-Line Enrollment

Print and Carry-In

We have generated a PDF form that will allow you to fill out your information with your computer, print it and bring it in with you for a speedy check in process for your child.

Time to fill out form: about 5-10 minutes
Instructions: Print and bring in with your child

  Download PDF Enrollment Form