Our health and safety precautions at a glance

  • Wellness screening in the front door for all children and staff entering the building. No parents allowed in, except for nursing mothers. 
  • Sanitizing hands prior to entering the classrooms, during all the required times throughout the day and prior to departing with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.
  • Cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting all surfaces throughout the day.
  • Gloves will be used in all the food preparations.
  • Limiting toy rotations to plastic (removing all cloth toys and dress up).
  • Children in the playroom (ages 3 and up) will be required to have a face covering with them all day to use when necessary. 
  • Children who do not pass the very rigorous wellness checks will not be allowed entrance to rooms.

Should a Covid-19 case arise all families will be notified and the center will close following guidelines from the Department of Health.  

See this link from childcare licensing

2 rooms will be set up (however a space can be created for another 7 children and 1 teacher in the playroom):

  • Baby land - max of 9 children ages infancy up to 24 months old with 3:1 ratio. Max of 12 people in the space.
  • Playroom - max of 18 children ages 2 up to 4 years old with a 8:1 ratio. Max of 20 people in the room.

Utah CDC

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